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Call for Comments

​​2004 Standards for Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs

As part of its “Validity, Reliability, and Relevancy of the Council’s Standards and Criteria” policy, the COA conducts Calls for Comments on its published Standards every five years.  These Calls for Comments are completed in order to verify that the COA’s Standards are valid, reliable, and relevant indicators for measuring the quality of nurse anesthesia programs.  In preparation for its January 2018 meeting, the COA will be conducting a Call for Comments on the 2004 Standards for Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs (i.e., the master’s Standards). While the use of the 2004 Standards will decrease as programs transition to the doctoral level for entry into practice, the master’s Standards must be current and relevant while they are still in use.  Therefore, members of the COA’s community of interest are invited to provide their feedback on the 2004 Standards by completing a Call for Comments survey currently posted to the COA website.  Survey results will be reviewed by the COA in order to determine whether revisions to the Standards are necessary.

Post-Graduate CRNA Fellowship Standards

At its October 2017 meeting, the COA reviewed recommendations from the Standards and Policies committee regarding its revisions to the COA’s Post-Graduate CRNA Fellowship Standards. As a result, the COA is considering making revisions to the Curriculum Standards (i.e., Standard E) within the Post-Graduate CRNA Fellowship Standards.  The proposed revision would require fellowships that are designed to develop and/or augment a fellow’s clinical scope of practice to include a sufficient number of patient care experiences in their curricula to ensure competency.  These experiences must be performed on living patients in the clinical environment and include the full range of experiences appropriate to the area of specialty practice or concentration for which fellows are being prepared.  Click here to view mark-up of the Post-Graduate CRNA Fellowship Standards
The Call for Comments will remain open until December 8, 2017. Should you have any questions regarding the Call for Comments, please contact the COA at 847-655-1160 or by e-mail at