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FAQ - Composition of the COA

What is the composition of the COA?

The COA is composed of 13 directors including 6 CRNA educators, 2 CRNA practitioners, 1 hospital administrator, 1 nurse anesthesia student, 1 university administrator and 2 public members. The composition of the COA reflects a mix of qualified CRNA educators and CRNA practitioners that is appropriate for rendering accreditation decisions regarding nurse anesthesia educational offerings at the master’s and doctoral degree levels and for the accreditation of Fellowships.

How is the composition of the COA determined?

The composition of the COA represents the publics within the nurse anesthesia community of interest. The COA follows the Accreditation Policies and Procedures for the recruitment and selection of COA directors. The policies and procedures are consistent with the U.S. Department of Education and Council for Higher Education recognition requirements for accrediting agencies. 

What criteria must a candidate meet to serve as a director on the COA?

A candidate for directorship must meet written criteria for the specific group to be represented. Nominations are solicited from the community of interest by notices posted in the AANA NewsBulletin, AANA E-ssential and by direct communication with groups and organizations such as nurse anesthesia program administrators and the AANA Board.  Candidates for the nurse anesthesia student directorship are solicited based on AANA Region on a rotational basis. 

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