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FAQ - COA Disclosure of Information

What information does the COA provide to the public regarding a nurse anesthesia program’s accreditation status?

The COA provides information regarding the nurse anesthesia programs it accredits to the public in accordance with its policies and procedures. It also requires programs to provide student achievement information on their websites. Examples of
information provided by the COA include: (1) List of Accredited Programs – program address, contact information, degrees awarded, program start/end dates, dates of last and next accreditation review by the COA; (2) CRNA School Search  programs’ tuition costs, admission requirements, class size, program length, curriculum; (3) Report of Actions - following each COA accreditation decision-making meeting the COA distributes a Report of Actions that indicates the accreditation decisions made at the meeting. The Report of Actions indicates the COA’s accreditation decisions and the number of years awarded programs reviewed for initial and continued accreditation. The report also identifies if standards were found to be not in full compliance.

Why is information the COA collects and considers in its accreditation decision-making process considered confidential?

The COA follows its policies and procedures in providing programs’ accreditation related information to the public. The policies
and procedures are consistent with the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) and the Council for Higher Education  Accreditation (CHEA) recognition requirements for accrediting agencies. Maintaining confidentiality within the accreditation process promotes candor. Assurance of confidentiality allows programs to submit sensitive and sometimes proprietary information without fear that it will be disclosed outside the accreditation process. Disclosure of programs accreditation  information outside the accreditation process would have a “chilling effect” on the COA’s ability to receive full and frank
information and would ultimately reduce confidence in the quality assurance aspect of accreditation.               


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