Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs
"Supporting Quality Assessment and Improvement in Nurse Anesthesia Education"
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COA Director - CRNA Practitioner

From the Practitioner's Viewpoint

Keith A. Torgersen, CRNA, MSN, is a new CRNA Practitioner Director on the Council on Accreditation. He is the ​Director of Anesthesia Services at McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, SC. Keith finished his BSN from the Medical University of South Carolina in 1989, then pursued his Master’s Degree in Anesthesia from the Bowman Grey / UNC-G program. After graduation in 1992, he returned to practice in Florence, SC . He was active in the State Association and then was appointed by the Governor of SC to the State Board of Nursing where he served for the next 8 years.
Keith was previously appointed to the COA as the Student Representative in 1990-91. He describes it as "such a rich experience for me where I saw firsthand Betty Horton & John Guard's passion for upholding quality & high standards for our profession through their leadership. I really saw what went into producing and supporting quality education in each of our programs. The Council’s process gave me such pride knowing I was a product of that great work."

In 2000, Keith joined rejoined the COA as a Team Reviewer, a position which he held until the opportunity to serve as the Practitioner Director came in 2012.

From the practitioner’s point of view on what value the COA brings to the Nurse Anesthesia profession, "I truly believe that promoting high standards drives excellence in all we do. It is that foundation that supports the objectives and the mission of the Council on Accreditation. It was true back in 1990 as it is today, that every member serving on the COA has a passion to uphold those high standards and believes it will ultimately drive quality in our educational programs. I am very grateful to serve again with such committed members to enhance the educational process & ultimately the quality of our profession to sustain our future."